We help inventors change the world. PatNMarks has helped over a thousand inventors, in less than ten years including students, women, award-winning startups, individuals, R&D teams and large Indian companies file IP portfolios, across the globe. With a deep focus on patenting in the high-technology domain and successful, granted patents in more than a dozen countries, we bring to the table academic and corporate knowledge to build sustainable strategies. We have filed hundreds patents in various fields of technology and helped our portfolio companies build successful partnerships utilizing patents as a keystone for continuous innovation.

We have assisted over 150 companies and academic institutions including ABB, AppLabs, and IISc, to name a few. We have also worked with award-winning startups, starting from incubation, moving through several rounds of funding and, successful acquisitions.



We have designed our service offering to provide the best advice on a company-level. There are no cookie-cutter solutions and we are good at identifying good strategies to pursue. We are also quick to put our money where our mouth is and tell you what might be bad ideas to pursue. Our portfolio companies are organic, high-value offerings utilizing IP as a cornerstone to growth and differentiation in today’s marketplace.



Our workshops offer practical training, be it at an arhateur level or at a decision-making level in deciding good IP strategies and going ahead to implement these strategies. We involve experts at the highest level to conduct these workshops online to enable quick and easy access to information, when you need it.